Information on how to sign up for the 

Husky Cycling List serv 

Things you need to know: 

-Sign up to receive email notification for upcoming events and from other students, staff, and alumni. Send emails out to the listserv. 


-There are two listserv, the general list serve known as [huskycycling], and the member's listserv known as [huskycyclingmembers].

-If you paid your membership fee you will be added to the member's list serv. No need to sign up for this one. We'll take care of it. 

-If you want to unsubscribe at any then please click the link at the bottom that reads "To unsubscribe from this list follow directions at" and follow the directions to unsubscribe. 

-When sending emails: Please be respectful and remember that your email is being sent out to 600+ people! 

-How to send an email to the general list serv: send email to

Finally, If you have any questions that don't need to be seen or answered by the entire listserv then you can email the admin at